New Covenant School of Ministry’s vision is to equip those who sense a call to the ministry. This calling may be in the area of Pastoring, Teaching, Missions, Evangelism, or simply the desire to be a more effective servant in one's local fellowship. We welcome anyone  who desires to learn the Word and to be used by the Lord. We count it a privilege to have the opportunity to help you fulfill the Lord's plan for your life.



Combining more than 75 years of Local church ministry experience, the instructors at New Covenant School of Ministry focus’ on the practical application of God’s word and Christian ministry for the church setting. We are designed to equip you for service in the local church, missions or the work place.

The two-year program will provide the student with basic Christian educational courses and practical Christian application to prepare the student for various ministerial fields. This program will lead to a Certificate of Christian Ministry and offers several courses in biblical studies and ministerial leadership.



Graduates of this program will:

1. Be able to understand various aspects of the spiritual and the practical dynamics of ministry.

2. Be able to contextualize Scripture for daily Christian living.

3. Develop a lifestyle of personal study of the Scriptures in order to promote growth, ministry to others, and a positive influence on culture.

4. Be able to demonstrate an ability to comprehend and
construct sound Christian theology.

5. Be able to demonstrate Christian leadership principles in a ministry position. Have an operational understanding of practical Christian ministry skills which function in diverse settings.



Charismatic Theology - The foundation, aspects,
and function of the gifts of the Holy Spirit within the

Identity & Authority - Who we are to God and the
spiritual authority that has been given to the church.

Gospels - An in-depth study of each gospel book in the Bible and the different aspects of Jesus’ ministry.

World Missions - The workings of missions in general and understanding one’s call to missions.

Leadership - The principles of leadership and the calling of God for Christian leadership.


God Encounters


Children’s Ministry


Prayer Ministry

Healing - Aspects and application of
healing in the Church.

How much will this program cost?

Tuition and fees: $212.00 per Semester. Books & supplies purchased separately.

What financing options are available to pay for this program?

Semester in full $212 or 4 Equal payments of $53.

What is the format?

A weekly format, with two courses being taught every
Thursday night to enhance the students biblical knowledge and practical ministerial Christian experience.