What is ncKids?
ncKids is the children’s ministry at New Covenant Church. Our desire is to make ncKids a fun, safe place for children to learn about the Bible and how to have a real relationship with God. We also want to encourage them to use Godly character traits through their interaction with others. When they leave ncKids they should have the skills they need to be able to read the Word of God, understand it, and know how to worship.

Who attends ncKids?
Our ncKids is divided into two areas. The birth through preschoolers area is available throughout the entire service. We have divided the ncKids Nursery area into three rooms that fit the development needs of this age range. We also have ncKids for kindergarten through 5th-graders which is dismissed to our ncKids room after worship.

We have a registration system that we call check-in, in which your child is given a name tag and you have a corresponding tag. This parent tag is used to pick your child up from ncKids nursery and elementary ministry. This way no one can take your child but you. We strive to have a healthy teacher-student ratio and each of our teachers have passed a background check. We follow every necessary step to insure your child’s safety.

If you have any questions about ncKids email us at nckids@sncconline.com.