Relationships are far more than church attendance, they are what God uses to grow and mature our faith in Him. The best way to build these relationships at New Covenant Church is through what we call ncGroups.

Our New Covenant groups are designed for freedom, relationship, and growth. As we do life together, we will grow in love and maturity.

Life is better together.

New Covenant Groups meet all over the area at various days and times during each semester.


Spring Semester: January - May

Fall Semester: August - December

Why is…? Why Does…? Understanding your faith.

"Why is there evil?" "Why is there suffering?" "Why do I feel abandoned right now?" "God, are you there?" We all face questions of existence in our everyday Christian experience: questions about faith and doubt, about good and evil, about struggles, about the human condition, about God. Participants themselves will submit questions that become the discussion points for each group's session. The person forming the group will serve as facilitator, with leadersihp at a minimum. Participants are invited--and HIGHLY ENCOURAGED--to submit as many questions as they like; the facilitator will group the submissions by theme and subject matter.

Led by: Garret Jeter For Ages: 18+ Meets: Every Thursday from 7:00pm-8:00pm
Childcare Available? No Topic: Faith Group Type: General Study
Location: Three Tree Coffee Roasters Begins: January 10, 2019 Status: Open

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